Sunday, May 29, 2011

Warning: SCAR 3D may cause Fainting (Abomination of Film!) This may or may not be a marketing ploy!

Phase 4 Entertainment
Directed by Jed Weintrob
Cast: Angela Bettis, Christopher Titus
Rated R
Running Time: Too LONG!

My momma always said, "I'm like a catfish, one good tug on the hook and you could reel me in to believe anything." I guess that is why I fell for director Jed Weintrob's marketing ploy for Scar 3D, notably the first film to be completely filmed in HD 3D and the first film to be 3D on Video on Demand. In 2007, there were rumors and buzz swirling around an independent film that was so grotesque it caused a woman to faint and a man to projectile (fill verb in here)during a test screening. The film was delayed in the US, although opening #1 in several other countries (according to Wikipedia...perhaps another marketing ploy?). Finally, after much wait, the film was released on Blu-Ray with the old time 3D glasses and I drooled over what was supposed to be this "grotesque, fun masterpiece". After all the buzz, it had to be too graphic to release to nationwide distribution, right? This film is no more grotesque than Babe: Pig in the City. In fact, that film scared me more! The acting is on par with Baywatch Nights, the color is out of focus, the dialogue alone is repelling,and my god, the dialogue! Perhaps, I am being too harsh. This is a horror film after all. This is the problem when you over hype a product, what would be a "supposed" fun B horror movie becomes a vessel for my rage with Hollywood, or in this case underground Hollywood.

That being said, Scar 3D is not without its merits.

1) Angela Bettis- Indie scream queen who most of mainstream America remember as the anorexic girl from Girl Interrupted. Horror fans will know her from Lucky Mcgee's dark horror triumph May, his Masters of Horror "Sick Girl", and that made for TV miniseries remake of Carrie. I really wish she could find a vehicle for her talent. She is the Parker Posey of the horror genre.

2) The gore- It is okay. Why did people faint? Im not sure (again, the dialogue?) Example: "Did you get the shit? That skunk scared the hell out of me!" or "Alter Boy, I do not want to graduate with my virginity!" Honestly, Hostel had more gore (or at least the nauseating effect) than Scar. But I will say, for the budget...I have seen far worse.

3) You can thankfully turn your Blu-Ray player off.

I was so deceived by the hype, I have been ranting and have yet to explain the plot.

Joan Burrows (Angela Bettis) returns to Ovid, Colorado to visit her brother, the local sheriff (Christopher Titus) after a traumatic event occurred many years ago, the death of her best friend by a a crazed killer who (here is where the title comes in) scarred her. Joan begins recalling the event through flashbacks as her niece, Olympia, and her friends fall prey to a copy cat killer and Joan will once again have to face her fears. It is pretty standard for a horror plot and there is supposed to be a surprise but of course, you see it coming a mile away!

Back to the rant...

The 3D was very rich in parts and for an independent film, impressed me at times. Again, marketing ploy! I am such a horror fan boy like Admiral Ackbar says, "It's a trap!" The HD really distorted the color so the gore looked cheaper than it actually was. It did however give some of the "slicing" scenes a scabbed over effect. In other words, this is direct to DVD dribble. I never would have rented it, or in this case bought, had the buzz not seduced my morbid ear. Curse you IMDB message boards!!!

MIKE-O METER: Avoid!!!

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